Resources for Foster Parents

The CHERISH program is familiar with the following resources. For the most current information, please contact each resource directly. If you are receiving CHERISH services and need assistance with resources, contact your CHERISH team.

Transition Toolkit: English | Spanish

Transition Toolkit Supporting Materials:

“All About Me” created by County of San Diego/Health Human Services Agency/Child Welfare Services. “This is my story” created by Washington State Department of Children, Youth & Families. 

Connections Brochure: Tips for Caregivers: English

Connections Brochure Supporting Materials: First Telephone Call from a Foster Parent to a Parent

Early Supports for Infants and Toddlers available in King County.

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DCYF information related to foster parenting and kinship care.  More Info – Sign up for the Caregiver Connections newsletter!

Online support group for caregivers.  More Info

DCYF Foster Parent & Relative Caregiver Support Line – Answered by DCYF social workers who can offer behavior management advice, problem solving tips, and just listen.  1-800-301-1868

Foster Intervention and Retention Support Team (FIRST) – Resource available to foster parents to provide assistance during a CPS investigation of a licensed foster foster.  866-393-6186

OurKids Web Application – Centralized location for licensed caregivers to access information about their license, the children placed in their home, reimbursements, and more.  More Info

Katie Biron, BSN, RN, a foster, adoptive and natural mom herself, offers family coaching to navigate the complexities of creating and maintaining positive connections to a child’s first family.  Katie also supports families through the challenges and successes of caring for children in foster care, adoption or other complicated family dynamics.

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The Family Help Line is a toll-free number from anywhere in Washington State, available to parents, caregivers, and anyone who has an interest or questions about a child in their community.

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The Alliance provides licensing training & educational courses for caregivers. More Info

For 1:1 mentoring sessions on a variety of topics available to caregivers statewide, enter “Individual Learner Centered Skill Development” in the course search box.  For these mentoring sessions, the foster parent/relative caregiver is partnered with a local “coach” to provide resources, support, etc. These sessions count for training hours!

Amara provides adoptive and birth families with support, guidance and resources to navigate the complex relationships and general post-adoption adjustment needs. More Info

The Strong, Tough and Resilient (STAR) Adoptive Parent Group provides an opportunity for adoptive parents to create a lasting community with one another and gain tools and resources to advocate for and support adoptees.  More Info

A multidisciplinary center and medical home for children of all ages who are placed outside of the home, whether in kinship care, foster care, or in a group setting.

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Discussion forum for caregivers.

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FPAWS offers a community for Washington foster families, and shares information on a variety of resources for foster families throughout the state.

24/7 support for foster families: 1-800-391-2273;

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Treehouse has a variety of programs for children placed through Child Welfare in King County:

  • Store (clothes, school supplies, toys, etc.). More Info
  • Just-in-Time Funding (for opportunities to explore interests). More Info

Seattle Angels has two programs for families in the Seattle foster care community:

  • Love Box: Provides recently transitioned foster youth with a customized box of goods (including basic needs and comfort items)
  • Dare to Dream: Matches foster youth (11-22 years old) with a trained community volunteer mentor

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