Resources for Families, Providers, and Advocates

“Our CHERISH provider truly cared about the children in our care and helped us navigate many difficult situations. We’re so thankful that she was a part of this journey with us.”

The quick links below and in the main drop down menu above offer a variety of resources, including support for children and families along their individual journeys, more details about our providers’ role on a caregiving team, and information on advocating for child safety, well-being, and a permanent placement. If you are currently receiving CHERISH services and need assistance with resources, feel free to contact your team directly.

Transition Toolkit

Supporting a healthy transition between caregivers

Not sure where to start? The Transition Toolkit is our most popular resource. For infants and toddlers in out-of-home placements, extra time and care must be taken to facilitate moves that keep the child’s best interest in mind. The Transition Toolkit supports healthy transitions between caregivers, offering strategies for preparing for a child’s move and best practices for transition planning.

Transition Toolkit Supporting Materials: